Leadership Versatility & Capabilities for the Future.

By Jeremy Sutton

Wednesday 6th March 2024

Leadership versatility is the key for the future

Research demonstrates the extent to which leaders with a limited range of capabilities were overwhelmed by the sudden and unprecedented disruption brought on by 2020’s Covid outbreak. A reliance on personal preferences and traditional approaches led these leaders to struggle to guide their people and organisations through the crisis. On the other hand, more broadly capable, versatile leaders were able to meet the challenges with greater overall effectiveness.

The data is clear and compelling. Versatility reliably predicts the leaders who have the greatest impact on important outcomes like employee engagement, team agility, business unit productivity, and overall effectiveness. (*It Takes Versatility to Lead in a Volatile World. Harvard Business Review. Kaiser, Sherman, and Hogan (2023).)

In line with these findings, we are excited to be promoting greater levels of leadership versatility in our clients. The Leadership Versatility Index gives leaders and their coaches targeted feedback on their ‘outer development’ priorities. These are the behavioural shifts required for leaders to become more effective. To embed greater versatility, we suggest pairing the LVI with Hogan Assessment Systems. Hogan gives the leader and their coach an idea of what ‘inner development’ (shifts in mindset) is required to make change stick.

Pairing Hogan with the LVI allows leaders to understand exactly what they need to change to become more effective and how their behavioural preferences, flawed assumptions/limiting beliefs and values help, or hinder their developmental goals.

To this end, we will start delivering open accreditations for the Leadership Versatility Index, our first one will be in March this year. Please register your interest early to reserve your place! There are many benefits for practitioners who want to develop themselves and add the LVI to their practice.

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Jeremy Sutton

Head of Consulting

With 17 years in the consulting industry as a psychologist, and 10 years as a Sales Director for an electronics company, Jeremy brings a commercial nous to his solutions. He started 3 Minute Mile in 2006 to break through the artificial barriers we create in our minds to reaching our full potential.