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Receiving your Hogan Materials
(only applicable for Hogan Accreditation Level 1 & Advanced)

We can provide soft copies, hard copies or both of the Hogan Reference Guide and Workbook. Please let us know which you would prefer. If you would like both, please tick both boxes.

* Please note that if you are outside the UK you will be liable to pay the shipping charge and any customs fees.

The Hogan Guide is an optional resource and is not included in the accreditation fee but is available at an extra cost of £75 (plus VAT where applicable). Please tick the below box if you would like a copy shipped to you.

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Delivery information (Hard Copy Materials)

If you have opted to receive hard copies of any of the above, please fill out your delivery information below for where you would like the materials to be sent. Otherwise please continue straight to the invoicing details.

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