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Hogan Assessment Systems

Hogan Assessment Systems

Hogan predicts workplace performance. Simply put, these assessments know how and why people behave the way they do. In addition, these assessments know if people will align with your organisation, if they will meet the job requirements, and how they will perform. Hogan’s comprehensive approach to personality assessment provides the depth and detail needed to hire the right employees, identify and develop talented individuals, and build better leaders.

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Leadership Versatility Index

Chart a clear path to better performance. Leaders are not just derailed by their weaknesses. Sometimes, it’s their “strengths that become a weakness” through overuse. The Too Little / Too Much scale lets leaders know when they’ve crossed that line. It also tells leaders what they’re doing right – and what they could emphasize more to have an even greater impact.

LVI Reports For Leaders

The Rocket Model

The Rocket Model™ is built on 20+ years of research on team effectiveness and packages what we know about teams in a practical, easy-to-understand framework. The model has been refined several times based on emerging research, data collected from 3,000 teams, and knowledge gained from designing and facilitating over 600 team offsites. The model helps leaders adopt a common language for building teams. Learn more about the eight components of The Rocket Model™ and the supporting research by downloading this white paper.

Rocket Model Team Building