Leadership Versatility Index

360 feedback reimagined for a rapidly changing world.

Leaders often derail because their strengths become weaknesses through overuse. The LVI’s rating scale uniquely gives leaders clear guidance on which behaviours they are overdoing and need to tone down, as well as the behaviours they need to build up and strengthen to strike a better balance.

Using the patented “Too Little” or “Too Much” rating scale, the feedback provides advice to help leaders get straight to work on the specific adjustments that will make them more responsive to change, and more effective. These insights empower the person to create a development plan for expanding their versatility and elevating their impact.

As a Kaiser distributor offering 360 reports for leaders, The LVI synthesises more than 100 years of research in management and psychology in one easy-to-understand framework. Organised in terms of opposing but complementary behaviours, it creates a powerful development experience that resonates with leaders because they recognise the tensions and trade-offs that make their job a balancing act.

Leadership Development

Watch this explainer video to understand how the LVI works in practice.

How does it work?

Firstly, we get input from the leader and their full circle of stakeholders. Everyone receives a link to an easy-to-use, mobile-enabled survey which most people complete in 10-15 minutes.
After reviewing their LVI report, the leader creates a development plan based on a new understanding of their strengths, including strengths overused. The plan specifies what they will do more – and less – to become a more versatile leader.
The development plan is shared with all who provided feedback, so that they know they were heard, understand what behaviour changes to look for, and can offer tips and suggestions. This team approach to development reinforces a culture of continuous improvement.
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Leadership Versatility Index Report

Using the patented "Too Little" or "Too Much" rating scale, the leader can quickly distinguish their under or over used strengths and those areas that need further improvement. These insights empower the leader to create a development plan for expanding their versatility in different contexts, with different people, and therefore, elevating their impact. It gives a clear picture of how a leader's Hogan profile is being managed within your organisation's context.


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