What is the
LVI 360?

The LVI is not just ‘another 360’. Its unique features make for a very different feedback experience. Business leaders comment how LVI feedback and coaching was much more impactful compared to other 360's they’ve experienced.

It is based on an integrated theory, measure, and model of leadership development that promotes behaviour and mindset change, that is needed to sustain overall progress and improvement.

It guides improvement on specific behaviours and skills that drive business results, as well as the overall ability to read and respond to change - and handle the unknown and unknowable challenges that lie ahead.

Leadership Development

Watch this explainer video to understand how the LVI works in practice.

Why LVI 360?

Unique Rating Scale
One of the useful features of the LVI is its unique rating scale.

Leaders are not just derailed by their weaknesses. Sometimes, it’s their “strengths that become a weakness” through overuse. The Too Little / Too Much scale lets leaders know when they’ve crossed that line. It also tells leaders what they’re doing right – and what they could emphasise more to have an even greater impact.

Feedback is non-judgmental: whereas being rated on a 5-pt scale feels like being graded, the TL/TM scale is more like advice from co-workers about how to be even more effective, which reduces defensiveness and encourages a growth mindset.
Complimentary Behaviours
A simple model of paradoxical demands of leadership.

The LVI assesses the opposing but complementary behaviours required for effectiveness. It resonates with leaders because they recognise the tensions and trade-offs that make their job a balancing act.

Provides feedback on how you lead (interpersonal style) and what you lead (organisational focus).

Items are written as very specific behaviours to provide precise guidance for exactly what changes to make.
Focus on Versatility
Organised around the concept of versatility - the key to thriving in a disruptive world.

Versatile leaders are able to read and respond to change with appropriate and effective behaviours.

By doing less of what they overdo, more of what they underdo leaders learn to become more versatile.

Versatility is statistically related to employee engagement, team agility, business unit productivity, and more. As the world has gotten more VUCA, versatility has played a stronger role in effective leadership.
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Using the patented "Too Little" or "Too Much" rating scale, the leader can quickly distinguish their under or over used strengths and those areas that need further improvement. These insights empower the leader to create a development plan for expanding their versatility in different contexts, with different people, and therefore, elevating their impact. It gives a clear picture of how a leader's Hogan profile is being managed within your organisation's context.

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