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We help people and organisations reach their potential by combining human interaction and data-driven science.

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Experts in talent acquisition and development.

Hiring the Right People:

We know the outcome of a bad hire.  Disruption to the business, high costs and lost time.  We use Hogan Assessments Systems to help identify the critical competencies you require in a successful candidate thus ensuring a strong shortlist.


Developing Your Leaders: 

What if you develop people and they leave?  What if you don’t and they stay?  Development is the key to success; with Hogan Assessments Systems, we assess a leader’s “inner self”: how they interact, approach tasks, and solve problems. We pinpoint behaviours emerging under stress, which can result in damaged relationships and derailed careers and their values that drive decisions.   Following on with the Leadership Versatility Index – 360, we measure a leader’s “outer self”: under or over used strengths and areas that need further improvement based on personal and peer feedback.


Building Better Teams:

Dysfunctional teams do not win championships.  Peak performance requires a team to understand the context, mission, norms and possess talent, buy-in, courage and resources.  Using the Rocket Model, we diagnose team dynamics and how they compare to other teams across the globe, to provide leaders with a roadmap of specific tools and activities associated with building high performing teams.

Our Mission,
Our Vision and
Our Values


To be the premier trusted partner for talent acquisition, leadership assessment and team development solutions.


3 Minute Mile envisions a world where individuals exceed limitations, unlocking their fullest potential in every aspect of life. Through innovative coaching and transformative strategies, we aim to inspire a culture of continuous growth and perpetual improvement.


Customer Experience – We make it easy, valuable and fun

Integrity First – We foster trust through communication, honesty, and ethical conduct

Expertise – We relentlessly invest in refining our skills, staying ahead of industry trends, and delivering quality.

People Centric – Above all, we prioritise our client’s needs, aspirations, and challenges to foster enduring relationships


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