Remote, Working, Effectiveness?

Does It Feel Like Remote Working Is Taking A Toll On Your Team’s Effectiveness?

By David Nauth

Friday 1st March 2024

New ways of working have disrupted teamwork for just about everybody. It feels more challenging than ever to keep your team engaged and productive.

3 Minute Mile has faced our own challenges with our transition to remote working. Over the past few years, we have learned how to adapt to the change, build cohesion, and boost effectiveness. Thanks to the research of one of our strategic partners, Dr Gordon Curphy, we were able to make this transition a success.

Enter The Rocket Model™ – a robust framework developed by leadership authority Dr Gordon Curphy, Ph.D., designed to propel team performance to new heights. The model is part of an integrated solution which benchmarks teams against over 2,500 global teams to diagnose team dynamics and equip leaders with tailored strategies to enhance team productivity. The benefits of the solution become even more apparent even when members are scattered across different locations.

By harnessing the power of The Rocket Model™ and applying it with Hogan Assessment Systems, we help our clients optimise team outcomes by neutralising unhelpful team dynamics, fostering inclusion, and driving efficiencies. From diagnosing team issues to implementing solutions, 3 Minute Mile and the Rocket Model are here to guide your journey to peak team performance.


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David Nauth

Head of Commercial & Operations

As a seasoned Commercial Director and Global BDM, Dave has successfully driven revenue growth in SaaS and technology-driven markets through sales, marketing, and business development expertise. Dave joins us as a Commercial Director in charge of Sales, Marketing and Operations.