About Hogan Certification Level 1

Become certified and learn how to administer, interpret, and feedback the Hogan personality assessments (HPI, HDS & MVPI), bringing talent acquisition and development in-house.

The workshop takes place over three consecutive days (9:00-14:00 UK):

• Day 1: Intro and Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) overview.
• Day 2: Hogan Development Survey (HDS) overview.
• Day 3: Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) overview and feedback preparation for practice session.

To become certified, you must complete pre-coursework modules and post-coursework in the form of an online quiz.

What you get?

• Two sets of Leadership Forecast Series (LFS).
• Coursework material: Hogan Workbook Level 1 and Reference Guide.
• Hogan Guide Available on request (£75).
• One hour feedback session on your own LFS Reports from one of our Hogan experts.
• One hour preparation session for delivering your first ‘official’ feedback session using your free set of LFS reports.
• Continued support from the 3MM team throughout your Hogan journey.